• Monthly Revenues
  • December 2012
    unit : NT$ Thousand Dollars
    Monthly Sales Net Sales
    This Month   0   38,845
    Last Year   0   73,296
    YoY Change   0   -34,451
    YoY Change %   999,999.99   -47.00
    Current Year   543   512,530
    Last Year   97   622,639
    YoY Change   446   -110,109
    YoY Change %   459.79   -17.68
    Consolidated Net Sales
    This Month   387,362
    Last Year   394,948
    YoY Change   -7,586
    YoY Change %   -1.92
    Current Year   4,707,733
    Last Year   4,522,867
    YoY Change   184,866
    YoY Change %   4.09
    1.As to the information of YoY%, if the value exceeded 999999.99 or the denominator is zero, then express as 999999.99.

    2.The long-term investment of holding company is recognized under the equity method of "investment interest" or "investment losses" should be listed separately under the profit and loss account "business income" and "operating costs".

    3.Consolidated operating income indicates the number that eliminate the recurring revenue between the parent company and its subsidiaries.

    4.Since Jan 2006, the operating income of financial industry was declared as net , the net operating income refers to "net revenue".

    5.Since Jan 2011, the Insurance operating income was declared as net, the insurance income under operating income refers to "net insurance income."