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    In recent years, domestic and international food safety problems have gradually begun to be taken more and more seriously.  In response to Food and Drug Administration’s (TFDA) commissioned inspection of civil policies, Yung Shin Pharmaceutical established EYES testing laboratories in August 2010 to facilitate food safety testing.

    EYES was established according to ISO / IEC 17025:2005 International Laboratory Accreditation standards, and was certified by TFDA in January 2011(certification No. 046) by international standards, quality and technical requirements of the testing laboratory management systems and processes. A total of five microbiological fields are tested, including plate counts, E. coli, coliform, mold and yeast, E. sakazakii, and so on. EYES is the first laboratory certified by TFDA in the pharmaceutical industry.

    In order to provide fast, accurate, high-quality testing services, EYES actively participates in local and international certifications (such as TFDA, FEPAS, etc.). EYES is devoted to advancing its service quality to world class by developing abilities in other fields.

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