• Shanghai Yung Zip Pharm. Trading Co., Ltd.



    Shanghai Yung Zip is a YSP-owned company in Shanghai, the center of China’s economy. Founded in 1994, the company has achieved US$4 million in capital. Shanghai Yung Zip is focused on international trading, business-to-business trading, distribution and warehousing within the Free Trade Zone, and simple processing. 

    Shanghai Yung Zip is in charge of API import and export to 10 countries and regions, including Taiwan, the U.S., and Indonesia. The company continues to grow in the spirit of providing the best medicine to enhance human health. Together with YSP (Kunshan), Shanghai Yung Zip is working to explore more opportunities and seize the growth trend in China.

    Address:Room1528, 1524. Tomson International Trade Building, No.1 JiLong Road, WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai 200137, CHINA
    TEL:+86 512 57873408