• About Us
  • YungShin Global Holding Co., Ltd. was established on January 3, 2011, through a share swap from YungShin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. (YSP).  YSP Shareholders received a direct transfer of YungShin Global Holding Co., Ltd. stock with equity unchanged. The original YungShin Pharm. Ind. Co., Ltd. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of YungShin Global Holding. The holding company will maintain YSP’s commitment to being customer-oriented, honest, and innovative, to embody the lifelong principle of "providing the best medicines to enhance human health", and to realize a vision of securing health, enhancing beauty and creating happiness.

    The purpose of the establishment of YungShin Global Holding is to integrate global resources, strengthen the group’s horizontal expansion and vertical integration strategies toward the global market, and provide significant equity to all shareholders.