• YungShin Pharm. Ind. (KS) Co., Ltd.

  •  YSP (Kunshan) is a YSP affiliate. Founded in December 1994, YSP (Kunshan) is a foreign enterprise established by YSP of China. To date, investments have reached US $15 million, with US $10 million in capital.  The company specializes in the production and sales of Western medicines, API and chemical intermediates.

    YSP (Kunshan) is located in the Kunshan Economic & Technical Development Zone, located between Kunshan City and Shanghai. The plant is fully GMP-certified, stocked with analysis and testing equipment imported from European and Japanese makers. The company passed GMP inspections by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA of China) in 1999, and passed U.S. FDA inspections in 2009. In 2009 the company also introduced SAP for ERP management, and the injection workshop passed GMP inspections by SFDA. The company currently specializes in tablets, capsules and ointments. Annual capacity is 180 million tablets, 10 million capsules, 4 million tubes of ointment and 40 million injections. YSP (Kunshan) is proud to have introduced a number of new drugs to the market. 

    A company achieves sustainability by launching new products. YSP has always dedicated many resources to R&D and invests considerable manpower and capital in Kunshan in order to provide the best products that promote health.

    Address:No 191,JinYang West Road, Lujia Town, KunShan City, JiangSu Province China